MAS waived RM17k for half tonne excess luggage

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) had allegedly waived an RM17,000 charge for 535kg of excess luggage when former premier Najib Abdul Razak and his family travelled to Langkawi recently.
Screenshots of what is alleged to be MAS’ ticketing system showing the waiver have gone viral on social media.
The images showed that Najib was the head of the pool of seven passengers including himself.
UPDATE – Read the full statement from Malaysia Airlines below:Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify the recent screenshots that have been circulating in social media.
The airline takes the matter seriously and is currently investigating the source of these screenshots.
In general, when passengers check-in as a group, all baggage may be combined and tagged under one name, which would appear on the system as excess baggage.
In this particular case, the group’s total checked-in baggage was well within the allowable limit.
Malaysia Airlines observes a strict policy on excess baggage and can confirm that no waivers were given. Watch video for more details.