Lola Bunny Scenes (The Looney Tunes Show) [HD]

And heres one for the modern take version. :)This video is used for under fair use which is under the 107th section of the copyright law.This is Lola Bunny reintroduced in the new reboot of the Looney Tunes, The Looney Tunes Show. Before I get to Lola, I thought I go ahead and share my honest thoughts of The Looney Tunes Show overall. While TLTS is one of the shows I really, really HATED, but everyone else seemed to like, its not really a flat out terrible show since there were a several of s I found surprisingly decent and when the jokes land its the funniest thing about it, but what I do not find interesting about TLTS is the controversial charer changes to the Looney Tunes (Perfect example is Taz being a dog, Gossamer being a kid, Witch Hazel as a sassy African American, etc). I really dislike the f how the Looney Tunes were toned down to make them try to fit it as something different, but reality is that the Looney Tunes were only known for Slapstick comedy. Granted, some slapstick is there, but there isnt quite enough of it to where the show should be called Looney Tunes, because the whole point of Looney Tunes and what made them excellent and entertaining to watch is mostly the slapstick comedy, and thats how theyre notable for that and seeing them in a different genre is just off. Though, there were a few Looney Tunes that were surprisingly decent on TLTS (Daffy Duck for example, he was hilarious).Now for this version of Lola, this version completely separates from her Space Jam incarnation, by making her personality into a fast talking, less intelligent charer who obsesses over Bugs Bunny. At some point, shes really funny, but can be annoying mostly, like in the first season (and sometimes, little parts in Season 2), but in the second season, her obsessive charerization was dropped and toned down a bit into a much caring personality with funny traits, making her arguably the most Looney and funniest charer in the show, and I also agree with most fans that since theis supposed to be Looney Tunes, the only way we can make Lola Bunny work is to make her a bimbo like an ual Looney Tune, and as much as it pains me a lot to say this, if it wasnt for TLTS, her personality wouldve never developed completely.BUT, not having Kath Soucie as Lola in this is really odd. I just cannot stand Kristen Wiig as Lola. To me, Kristen Wiig is a lot more funnier in s and such, but reason simply is because Kath Soucie was still around working in that year when TLTS came out and Kath was still talented, still working and have TONS of experience in charer personality and voicing charers differently, and just hearing Kristen Wiig doing nothing but being.. Kristen Wiig just doesnt fill my cup of tea. Sure, shes funny as Lola personality wise and its understadable to help the writers write more cleverly, but that doesnt mean that Kath Soucie cant be as funny personality wise either. What really ticks me off the most is her fan base, (I know its not a legitimate argument for some of you, but I just feel I need to express this) whenever somebody posts a public comment saying they prefer Space Jam Lola, they tend tovery defensively and comes at them expressing how much the original Lola didnt have a personality or how boring she was just to get popular votes etc, hoping for the person to change their opinion. Most of them are really insensitive to those kinds of people, while some of them do tend to respect their opinion, but the majority of those people dont respect them. While I like both versions of Lola Bunny, I will say that if you people seriously love this version more than anything, then maybe you guys should really knock it off with the Lola wars and go for a midway or something, because all youre doing is ending up making the charer look a lot more worse to where it gets to the point where WB cant show Lola anymore. Just be a true Lola fan and enjoy both! 🙂 I like Lola Bunny nevertheless no matter what kind of charer shes like. :)I hope you enjoy!Lola Bunny, The Looney Tunes Show ©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.Like what you see? Please watch me on DeviantART: Support me on Patreon if youd like: Follow me on Tumblr: Watch video for more details.