Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll

Every little girl likes to pretend shes the mommy of an adorable baby, and Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll brings that imaginary play to life.
Designed for kids ages three and up, this 15-inch doll s and sounds like a real baby with a total of 150 different words and sounds.
She asks for kisses, eats her Popsicle, laughs when shes tickled, and even sneezes and asks her mommy to wipe her nose.
My Real Baby comes with a Popsicle, clean-up cloth, feeding bowl and spoon, plastic Band-Aid, and toy bear.
Baby Responds to Your TouchPrepare to be charmed by My Very Real Baby Doll.
This happy, loving doll comes to life with a simple two-setting power switch (runs on four AA batteries, included).
Once shes touched, shell move her arms, tell you she loves you, say Mommy! and ask for a kiss.
When shes touched on the left foot, left knee, or mouth, shell squeal with ticklish delight.
Doll Eats Popsicle, Holds Bear, and MoreMagnets in the dolls mouth, hands, and juice Popsicle offer even more interive fun.
Baby will ask for her bear and know its there when its placed it in her hands.
The red light boo-boo on her left knee turns off when you snap on the included bandage.
After she eats her Popsicle, a green light turns on so her tongue appears to be the same color as the Popsicle.
Use the cloth to wipe her face and hands when she asks to be cleaned up. Watch video for more details.