Ancient Earth map lets you look up addresses across 750M years

SAN FRANCISCO — Ever looked at a map of Earth millions of years ago and wondered where certain modern-day locations were supposed to be?The Ancient Earth globe is a cool little online tool curated by Ian Webster — the same genius who meticulously compiled the Dinosaur Database.
Webster’s interactive map allows users to see how the earth has evolved from 750 million years ago to the present.
To do so, he adapted a software used by geologists to visualize plate tectonics, and overlaid his map with modern political boundaries.
It’s got the added bonus of an address search, so you can pin a location and see where it was during the ice age, the age of dinosaurs, or even post-extinction.
The site has neat extras, like short descriptions on the bottom left hand side that lets you know exactly what the conditions are during any given time period.
Alternatively, there’s an option to jump through the stages of evolution, like when the first vertebrates appeared, or the first primates, or hominids. Watch video for more details.