19-year-old girl thrashes alleged stalker in Rajasthan

A Rajasthan woman beat a Class 12 student with a stick for stalking her during her morning running sessions. Vani Sharma, 19, of Bharatpur said a Class 12 student was stalking her during her morning running sessions. “On July 11, he proposed love to me and told his friends that I was his girlfriend. I took the stick from a morning walker and beat him up to teach him a lesson,” said Vani, who is preparing for Combined Defence Services (CDS) for recruitment into the Indian Army.Sharma said she runs 15 km every morning to prepare for the gruelling physical examination. This boy was stalking her for many days, she added. “Girls are not weak – they can handle such stalkers. The men have to courage to harass girls and women because we don’t teach them lessons,” said Vani. Watch video for more details.