26/03/2009 PRESENTED BY LAYLA ANNA-LEE Today we are graced by the enigmatic presence of The BUIZNIEZ, a producer who is creating music for some of the finest hip-hop talents in London and beyond.
On our balcony he offers us ‘Club Freaks Anthem Part 1’ featuring Artcha, we personally can’t wait to hear Part 2.
Artcha discovered he had a love of music at the tender age of 8 with musical influences such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.
The 26 year old from North London is no stranger to the music industry and from the age of 17 the young talent begun to perfect his craft writing verses and building his confidence as a performer.
Since then, Artcha has continued to excel, accredited in his own right for his achievements.
As an original member of the One Crew which launched promising stars such as Sway, Pyrelli and Mr Ti2bs, Artcha has been noted as coming from a solid hip hop background (RWD Magazine Jan.
2007) with a wealth of experience.
In March 2003 Artcha won the Home-Grown Cuts competition on Radio 1 Xtra for the track N.
D with 48% of the public vote, demonstrating the buzz surrounding the young rapper.
In 2004 Artcha was also honoured to be chosen to represent the UK in BETs Global Hip Hop search.
com/thebuizniez Tune in again tomorrow! . Watch video for more details.