Police Arrest Charlottesville Protesters Following Altercation

Police arrested at least four people during demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Sunday, August 12.

Demonstrators marched through Charlottesville to mark the anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in which Heather Heyer was killed, as well as to protest the “Unite the Right 2” rally taking place in Washington the same day.

This footage shows police arresting Martin E.
Clevenger, 29, and Veronica H.
Fitzhugh, 40.
NBC reported they were arrested by police for one count each of disorderly conduct after allegedly a verbal altercation became physical.
Both individuals were released on a summons.

Police initially blocked off 4th Street at the intersection with Water Street to stop people from going to the exact spot where Heyer was killed and dozens were injured when a car rammed into the crowd.
Heyer’s mother and a small group of protesters were later allowed access to the site.
Credit: Sean CW Korsgaard/News2Share via Storyful

. Watch video for more details.