Bridge collapse in Genoa kills at least 39, sparks public outrage

Italy has declared a 12-month state of emergency after a bridge collapsed in (jen-oh-uh) Genoa killed nearly 40 people.
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The 50-year-old Morandi Bridge was said to have collapsed during torrential rain on Tuesday, dropping dozens of cars from a height of 45 meters.
Rescuers are searching for any possible survivors under the rubble, but officials believe the chances of finding anyone alive are slim.
The bridge was a vital link of a highway that connects northwestern Italy to the south of France.
The collapse has sparked a furious reaction from the public and the government over how such a crucial piece of infrastructure could simply give way.
Although the exact cause is not yet known, most of the blame is being pointed at Autostrade, the private firm responsible for operating the bridge and most of Italy’s highways.
There have been calls for the CEO to resign for negligent homicide.
Following a Cabinet meeting in Genoa, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared a 12-month state of emergency, saying his government won’t wait until prosecutors finish investigating the incident to revoke Autostrade’s concession.
He also vowed to make sure similar incidents do not occur again.
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