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Tennis video – Mr Bean Cartoon 2018 – Prison MagpieMr Bean takes into his home an injured magpie, and soon notices that it likes to collect lovely shiny things, taken from neighbours’ houses.
When Mrs.
Wicket and the policeman see this, Mr.
Bean is arrested by mistake due to grand theft.
Then when the policeman returns from his cab having a parking fine, he thinks Mr.
Bean has escaped, but he is hiding behind the open door and shows the policeman the small culprit and he is released.
When he returns to his room and finds the Queen’s crown stolen by the magpie, Mr.
Bean is shocked to see this and faints.
The VisitorA friend named Harry goes for a visit to Mr.
Bean’s room.
Unfortunately for Bean, Harry has different things and also is a gluttonous guy who eats too much, so much that all the food in Bean’s fridge is gone.
Bean tries to get rid of his friend except his teddy is being stolen so he tries to get it back from Harry.
Then, he decides to make him go to a restaurant and orders everything in the menu, and escapes from the bathroom when Harry’s not looking.
Then, when Harry fails to pay the bill, he is forced to wash the dishes as payment and Bean manages to get his teddy back.
The BallA tennis ball gets lodged in a drain pipe on a rooftop.
After several attempts to dislodge it fail, a concerned neighbour calls the emergency workers when she misjudges Mr.
Bean thinking that he’s jumping off the building.
He managed to get the ball by bouncing on a trampoline.
Later, when the father tells Bean to get the ball, he throws an egg by mistake and end up getting chased by the enraged father.
Where did you get that Cat?Mrs.
Wicket has a new hat that looks like Scrapper.
During a chase, Scrapper knocks Mrs.
Wicket’s sideboard down, squashing the hat.
Bean mistakes the hat for Scrapper and takes it to the vet.
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