martial arts video – SynopsisKarate and the Olympics: Who Will Represent Canada in 2020?This documentary highlights the difficulties experienced in creating champions in Ontario.
Today, money talks so loud that a person’s paying capacity can now replace talent, dedication, and perseverance.
As the parent of a well-known champion stated: ‘Today, a child’s whole athletic career depends on the pockets of the athlete’s parents – whether they can pay, or not’.
With Karate becoming part of the Olympics, this situation must be changed!Every day we’re seeing athletes faced with hardships and problems created by stringent rules, underfunding, and a complete lack of understanding from ‘higher-ups’ in thefast-paced world of Karate in Ontario.
Today, Karate faces a real challenge, and that is: How do we make the transition from an amateur sport to a professionally organized industry with the appropriate environment for raising true champions?The Uphill Battle attempts to cover this issue in depth.
Now, for the first time, we go behind the scenes on the difficult journey of creating karate champions in Ontario.
Canadian Karate is based on dedication and enthusiasm of the senseis, coaches, judges, athletes and their parents.
Ontario is a very special case in this story.
Every day the best of the best are faced with difficulties and hardships created by under-funding in the fast-paced world of Karate in Ontario.
What the Experts Say! Kyoshi Sam Moledzki, Karatedo Shitokai Canada Shihau-WSKF – “This insightful documentary gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at Karate in Ontario.
Many different topics are covered, and anyone interested in Karate will discover something unique and important in this story.
” Sensei Louis Rossi: “Fantastic Documentary.
Good choice of dojo’s to represent the message, all respectable, qualified instructors under the right organizations.
” Patricia Wright, Elite Athelete: “I agree the Watch video for more details.