Five Year Old Hopes To Become The Next Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods video – A five-year-old golf prodigy hoping to be the next Tiger Woods is getting in plenty of practice after his parents built his very own putting green – in their GARDEN.
Little Zach Wheeler has been obsessed with the sport since his parents bought him a plastic set of clubs aged 14 months.
After pestering his parents to take him to the driving range every day after school they decided to transform their entire modest back garden at their semi into a green.
Complete with four holes, three chipping areas and graded slopes, the impressive eight metre long AstroTurf green cost parents Dean and Gemma £3,500.
The proud couple claim he is already the youngest child to get a golfing scholarship in the UK and can cope with an 18-hole round – even if his dad has to carry him between shots.
His swing is the envy of most adults and he can putt straight into his mum’s washing machine from six feet away. Watch video for more details.