David Stern vs. Donald Trump: the Tennis Match

basketball video – Some years go, David Stern defeated Donald Trump in a tennis match — a scene that would almost certainly go viral if the images existed.
So NUNYO & COMPANY has created an illustration-based video of the memorable tennis match between the future president of the United States and the then NBA Commissioner.
Some details remain sketchy, but an investigation — okay, routine interviewing — by host Nunyo Demasio reveals that the victory occurred in a doubles matchup among heavy hitters: David Stern and Bob Tisch (co-owner of the New York Giants) against Trump and John Veronis, a prominent media dealmaker.
The most telling aspect of the affair, though, occurred in the weeks and months that followed: Trump pestered Stern for a rematch — and never got it.
The video also includes artwork of a fascinating half-court basketball game among four legends-in-the-making: Arthur Ashe and Bobby Knight versus Bill Parcells and Norman Schwarzkopf — with the future Coach K nearby.
They were all members of West Point at the time — and often competed in half-court hoops. Watch video for more details.